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The New Malden Town Centre Partnership (NMTCP)

NMTCP is a group made up of representatives from local voluntary community organisations, businesses and residents in New Malden, working together and supported by Kingston Council, seeking to support and promote the town centre and its future wellbeing and viability.

Looking forward

Our plans for 2023 

In our first year we set up a full steering group and gained a great team of volunteers who help run the community vegetable garden, take part in regular litter picks, support the maintenance of the planters, assist in the management of New Malden Business Forum and help to plan and run lovely events on Jubilee Square. This year we will continue to host community events that include sharing food, each others culture and spending time with neighbours.

Our garden is doing well and is set to flourish in the spring time.  We are working hard behind the scenes to bring more art and a performance space to Jubilee Square,  we would love to host exercise/ dance classes for older people and we have plans to bring opportunities for young people too.


Below is a list of ways for you to keep up to date on what is happening at New Malden Partnership please join us, we cannot do what we do without the involvement of our community, we look forward to meeting you


Best Wishes

Danielle O'Shaughnessy

Community Connector

volunteer postcard.png

Ways to join us

We communicate on various different platforms- pick one that best suits you and we will do our best to try and keep you up to date.

In person 

We're looking for more volunteers to help care for the planters on the square with a little bit of regular watering and weeding. We often meet (weather and volunteer availability depending) on Wednesdays 2-4pm and Saturdays 10-11am.

Please contact Danielle O'Shaughnessy, Community Connector, on 07402484845 or 

On Whats ap

A practical regular update on when people are volunteering and where. Text 07402484845 to introduce yourself and ask for the link

Friends of Jubilee Square Facebook group


Social Media

Twitter- We tend to just post updates here and don't get involved much in the conversations.

Facebook - We chat a little bit more here.

Instagram - New Malden is a beautiful place so we like to show off here!

New Malden Town Centre Partnership

Ready to make an impact? Contact us to learn how we can begin working together.
07402 484 845

07402 484 845

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