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Our story so far

New Malden Town Centre Partnership

Officers from Kingston council, local community groups and individuals chose to work together to support their hometown of New Malden to recover post covid.  New Malden has lost many shops, a department store and almost all banks, there have been marked changes in the demographic and property development of the area in a relatively short space of time. 


In 2022 the council and the GLA helped provide some seed funding to establish New Malden Town Centre Partnership. During our first year we celebrated The Queen's Platinum Jubilee and Christmas events, helped to facilitate the winter lighting in the trees and colourful banners in the High Street, provided summer activities for children, helped create the decorative hoardings on Jubilee Square and supported the re-invigoration of New Malden Business Forum and digital business directory.

In 2023 we collaborated with artists, architects, students, local people and businesses.  We created art and designs with Julia Vogl, Carrie Reichardt, the 121 Collective, Creative Youth and the Food of Us Team.  The themes have been friendship, cultural diversity, food and homeliness. We have have heard stories, established friendships and built business connections that have delivered fabulous events for the Kings Coronation, summer time children's stories, puppet theatre shows, a cinema, Vegecoopia horticultural swap shops, a co-grow garden with Aulaw Organic, farm to table events and mini markets.  We are delighted with the progress we have made and look forward to making 2024 even more extraordinary. 

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Our Aims

Collaborative Model

We work together with the local community, businesses and the Council

Our aim is to reflect the cultural diversity and interests of the local community, to promote the attractiveness and use of the town centre by:

  • Developing, promoting and implementing a programme of activities, projects and events

  • Widening and further improving the range of uses and activities in the town centre 

  • Identifying and securing improvements to the town centre environment and facilities.


Our Vision

A place where people connect

Our vision for New Malden is to build on its current strengths, for it to be a vibrant, interesting, friendly and popular place, successfully providing a wide range of local shopping, service, leisure, recreation, arts, culture and business uses in an attractive, safe and convenient environment, recognising and celebrating its cultural diversity and as a focus for local community activities.

Our Team

The Partnership is led by a Steering Group, which will normally consist of up to 12 members in total. The founding Members of the Steering Group come from local organisations with a connection to New Malden and interest in the town’s future development. 


The Steering Group is supported by a Community Connector, Danielle O'Shaughnessy, The Community Connector is responsible for managing community engagement for the new Town Square and other locations within the town centre boundary.


The Steering group may invite specialists or other individuals to attend meetings to advise on specific matters and The Steering Group may also establish task and finish groups, as appropriate, to deliver projects such as the Town Square events, improvements to New Malden station and precincts, High Street improvements [e.g. banners and lighting].

 Terms of Reference (TOR)

We are a newly formed group and therefore this is an evolving document that explains the way in which we are  functioning as of March 2022

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