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We rely on charitable funding, sponsorship and donations to do our work in New Malden.  If you would like to support us we would greatly appreciate the help- no matter how small or large, whatever you give makes a difference in local peoples lives. 

Your help


Could help us buy craft materials for a children's workshops or additional items for a farm to table event.


Can buy new plants, tools and seeds for our gardening projects.


Will go towards improving signage on the square and help us create more great works of art and fun events for the community to enjoy

Community Interest Company

CIC number: 15192899


We are a community interest company (CIC) limited by guarantee i.e a 'not for profit' company, this means that we do not operate for private profit. Any profit generated is used to grow and develop our project which is benefiting the community of New Malden Town Centre and all who visit.

Our bank detail is below for donations gratefully recieved


Thank you

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