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Community Grant Funding

Key Points

  • Grants on offer: £1,000 - £4,000

  • Location: Jubilee Square, New Malden, KT3

  • Open to: Individuals and groups based in Kingston Upon Thames

  • Duration: Projects to be completed by 31 October 2023

  • Deadline: Applications close 11am 3 July 2023

  • Apply Here: New Malden Community Grant Funding Application Form

What is on offer  

  • NMTCP is offering grants between £1,000 and £4,000 to host a community event or activity  or improve the facilities on Jubilee square. You might have an idea that brings people together in small or large groups or it could be something permanent or temporary that is installed on the square or it could be an opportunity to trial or test something new in a public space.

  • We hope to award between 3 and 6 grants

  • All proposals must be free of charge to all users and participants

  • You must be able to implement your idea by 31 October 2023.  

Who can apply  

  • Anyone living in The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (aged 18 or over) 


  • A collaboration between individuals (aged 18 or over) based in The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, working together on a shared idea/project

  • Any established group or organisation based in The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames 


Who cannot apply 

  • Individuals and organisations that are not based in The Royal  Borough of Kingston upon Thames

  • Individuals or organisations that seek to make a profit

How to submit your idea  

Please apply via this link to complete an an online application form by 3 July 2023. 

If you need help with the form or have any questions or concerns about your application please email: John Leslie,


You will need to

  • Tell us about the great idea, project, initiative or event that you are proposing.

  • Explain why you would like this to happen.

  • Describe who you think will benefit, participate or use the idea you are proposing and how this will affect our community.

  • Explain the steps that would be required to make your idea a success and the expected timescale 

  • Provide an outline of how the budget for your project will be spent. 

A community panel will consider ideas and the impact they might have, as well as the ability to bring the idea to life within the given budget and timeframe. If your idea is considered to be impactful and introduces people to use the site we will invite you to talk to us about your plan and how we can support you to make it happen.  

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