Our story so far

New Malden Town Centre Partnership

Officers from Kingston council recognised High streets up and down the country are faced with a number of challenges, and they felt some of these issues could be addressed using funding opportunities that were being offered by the GLA (The Greater London Authority/ Mayors Office) They approached local community groups and individuals to see if there was interest in working together to support local towns.  The local groups are concerned too, because New Malden has lost many shops, a department store and banks, so when the opportunity arose from the council to address the issues, a couple of working groups were established and later merged with the intention of focusing on the High street and Cocks Crescent area of New Malden. During the discussions it became clear that a paid role was required to help develop the project, so the council and the GLA helped provide some seed funding to commission a consultant. The role was put out to tender and local community environmental arts worker: Danielle O'Shaughnessy won the bid, since her employment the group has set up as New Malden Town Centre Partnership, and won £120K from the GLA to further fund the projects aims and objectives.