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Our story so far

New Malden Town Centre Partnership

Officers from Kingston council, local community groups and individuals chose to work together to support their hometown of New Malden to recover post covid.  New Malden has lost many shops, a department store and four banks, there have been marked changes in the demographic and property development of the area in a relatively short space of time and naturally concerns still exist for the physical and mental wellbeing of residents during the current crisis. 

Last year the council and the GLA helped provide some seed funding to establish New Malden Town Centre Partnership. So far, the partnership has provided a Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration and Christmas events, helped to facilitate the winter lighting in the trees and colourful banners in the High Street, provided summer activities for children, helped create the decorative hoardings on Jubilee Square and supported the re-invigoration of New Malden Business Forum and digital business directory. Plans for 2023 include new artwork on Jubilee Square, more community events and regular activities for young and old.

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