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Asian Girls Run

The launch of our regular running group hosted by Move Well by Jessica, was a huge success.

Asian Girls Run is all set to become the most inspiring weekly run club & wellness community for Asian women.  The aim is to break down the cultural barriers Asian women face, and give them the opportunity and confidence to be involved in physical activity through community engagement and socialisation. 

The run club inspires and encourages women and young girls from Asian backgrounds to prioritise being physically active through building a safe, non-judgemental place where like-minded women can socialise while experiencing all the wonderful benefits of being physically active within their community.  

The Sport England report of 2020 ‘Sport for All’ emphasises that ‘ethnicity & culture matters in sport and physical activity’.  The report highlights statistics showing how people from black, Chinese and Asian backgrounds are less likely to exercise than other individuals who are white. This is illustrated further with the launch of Sport England 10 year strategy Uniting the Movement with a clear focus on tackling inequalities. So, with the launch of 'Asian Girls Run', we are offering the opportunity right in our target demographic community.  New Malden has on of the largest Asian communities in London. We aim to build a strong sense of community, break down barriers,  and improve the happiness, wellbeing , and mental health of New Malden women through physical activity. 

The running club meets weekly as an informal run club for all levels. There will also be a support forum for the women & girls to meet and support each others physical and mental health needs, further offering a safe common place for encouragement and support with like-minded women. The first run started with a warm up, and then a beginner friendly 2.5km down Beeline way and back, finished with a cool down in the square and coffee afterwards for those that wanted to.

Next session is on Saturday 13th July, meeting at the CI Tower in St Georges Square, New Malden, at 9.30am

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